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Spiffy’s Car Wash FAQ’s: Exactly what is a full-service car wash?

Spiffy’s Car Wash is Tuscaloosa’s ONLY Full-Service Car Wash. But, what does that really mean?

We are asked fairly often what make a car wash “Full-Service.” So, let us break it down for you. Some car washes offer either a conveyor based mechanical wash or a hand-wash performed by humans. At a full-service car wash you will get the best from different “types” of car wash platforms, both high-powered mechanical and human car wash service.

At Spiffy’s, we get you started with high a pressure washer engineered for the exterior of automobiles. One of our team members will use it to remove excess dirt, grime, droppings and bugs. From there your car will enter our “Tunnel” wash where a conveyor belt will move your vehicle through a computerized washing system.

After your vehicle runs the course inside of the Tunnel Wash it will be back in the hands of humans who will hand dry your car or truck, and then clean your wheels and dress your tires. And, that is just our basic exterior wash!

Spiffy’s Car Wash offers a number of upgrades and additional services. Our entry level car wash package includes everything from the exterior wash plus our team will vacuum out in the interior, wash all of your windows, dust the dash & Doors, clean your cup holders and door jambs, then add air freshener if you want it!

From there our offerings cover a full-spectrum of services. More services offered at Spiffy’s Car Wash:

  • Rain X
  • Triple Shine
  • Wheel Brite
  • Dash & Door Treatment
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Leather Conditioning
  • Hand-waxing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Paint Restoration Services

And, Spiffy’s Car Wash even does oil changes, too!

For more information about the Car Wash, Detail or Maintenance services provided by Spiffy’s Car Wash check out the rest of our website!

Spiffy’s is Tuscaloosa’s ONLY Full-service Car Wash. And, we do Oil Changes, too! Make sure that you ‘Like’ Spiffy’s on Facebook by clicking this link.

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