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Spiffy’s Car Wash FAQ’s: Do You Have a Weather Guarantee?

We all know that the weather in Alabama can get pretty weird. Where else can you experience all 4 seasons in the span of one week? But, this is cause for even more careful consideration of car care. That certainly includes keeping the exterior looking good!

It’s no secret that the worst part of operating a car wash is having to deal with the weather. But, at Spiffy’s we provide an outstanding solution for you, our valuable customer. When you get your car washed at Spiffy’s you can rest assured knowing that if the weather gets nasty (within 24 hours of your visit) you can bring your car back for another bath on us. However, we do ask that you bring it back within the first 2 days after the original car wash.

That’s a solution that we can all be satisfied with! Now your car can look great no matter what the weatherman says. And, don’t forget Spiffy’s Car Wash even does oil changes, too!

For more information about the Car Wash, Detail or Maintenance services provided by Spiffy’s Car Wash check out the rest of our website!

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